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The organization serves as a bridge between UK / China for exchange of trade, education and culture and a coordinator of local Chinese organizations. CIDA has fully utilized the potentials of local and overseas Chinese ...

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2007-2009 committee

2007-2009 CIDA Committee

Chair  Dr. Changxin Wu    Cambridge University


Deputy Chairs Dr. Lei Zheng     Oxford University

                         Dr. Zhiqiang Zhao  Oxford University

                         Dr. Yu Xiong      Queen's University Belfast


PA to Chair Ms. Ying Liao 



Executive Committee:


Education and Culture Section

Director  Mr. Yu Zhang

Managers  Dr. Yinjuan Shao Dr. Xin Guo


Public Relationship Section

Director        Mr. Hao Wu

Managers     Ms. Yuanyuan Sun Ms. Jingning Jiang


Project Development Section

Director      Ms. Min Du

Managers   Dr. Lingling Wei


Business Development Section

Director  Mr. Wenjing Zeng

Managers  Ms. Linda Yanbo Liu


Information Communication Section

Director   Mr. Hui Xie



Academic Section

Director   Dr. Zhijian, Wang



Entrepreneurship Section

Director   Mr. Zhimin Wang

Managers  Mr. Yifeng Ruan


Secretary Section

Secretary General           Mr. Yabin Mei

Executive Secretary General   Ms. Liya Lin

Deputy Secretary General     .Ms. Rong Yang

Deputy Secretary General      Ms. Yuanyuan Xiao


To China Area:



Project Coordinator: Mr. Kuisheng Zhu

Academic Coordinator, CIDA to China,  Dr. He Ni. 

Chief in PR, CIDA to China,  Ms. Bo Zhang

 Coordinator. CIDA to China, Ms. Ting Wei.

Coordinator. CIDA to China, Ms. Xiaoshan Tian

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