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The organization serves as a bridge between UK / China for exchange of trade, education and culture and a coordinator of local Chinese organizations. CIDA has fully utilized the potentials of local and overseas Chinese ...

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Meeting in Chinese Embassy London for 2010 Competi

On 19th of Aug, 2009,  a delegation comprised of Dr. Yu Xiong, Mr. Yu Zhang, and Ms Liya Lin visited Chinese Embassy London, the Minister Consellor, Mr. Lirong Zhang hosted the meeting in the hall of the embassy, Mr. Zhang has been supporting this competition since 2007, where he gave a closing speech for the competition.

Mr. Zhang said the competition provide a very good connection between China and UK especially in such a economic environment.


Dr. Yu Xiong discussing the competition issues with Mr. Lirong Zhang.

Above Picture, Mr. Lirong Zhang(Middle), Dr. Yu Xiong(Left 4), Ms Liya Lin(Left 2), Mr. Yu Zhang (Right 1), Ms. Yuanyuan Sun(Left 1).    This photo is taken in the reception hall of the Chinese Embassy London on 19th of Aug, 2009

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