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The organization serves as a bridge between UK / China for exchange of trade, education and culture and a coordinator of local Chinese organizations. CIDA has fully utilized the potentials of local and overseas Chinese ...

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IFIOE Theses


Innovation Oriented Economics and China's Sustainable Economic Development

The main Topics

Ø  Administrative innovation strategy and performance

Ø  Technical innovation strategy and performance

Ø  Knowledge transfer

Ø  New product development strategy

Ø  Public policy (effect of innovation on economic growth, factors influencing the rate of innovation, tools used by policy makers, impact of specific policies)

Ø  Entrepreneurship (decision making, strategy and performance, organisation design, venture finance)

Ø  Design for sustainability (design for environment/recycling/remanufacturing, lean product development)

Ø  Environmentally conscious manufacturing

Ø  Green marketing

Ø  Product end-of-life management

Ø  Sustainable/green/closed-loop supply chain management

Ø  Extended producer responsibility and corporate social responsibility

Ø  Western Development and Economic Transformation of Western China

Call objects

Domestic and high level scholars in economics all can contribute

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