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The organization serves as a bridge between UK / China for exchange of trade, education and culture and a coordinator of local Chinese organizations. CIDA has fully utilized the potentials of local and overseas Chinese ...
       LATEST:2016 China-UK Entrepreneurship
Schedule and Entry Form(13/04/2016)
The Propaganda Film Now Online(13/04/2016)
Report from Chroniclelive(13/04/2016)
Competition Launched in Newcastle -(13/04/2016)
2013 China-UK Entrepreneurship Comp
International Forum on Innovation O
  Society News  
SEMINAR PROGRAMME 2016 - PART5(07/05/2016)
SEMINAR PROGRAMME 2016 - PART4(07/05/2016)
SEMINAR PROGRAMME 2016 - PART3(07/05/2016)
SEMINAR PROGRAMME 2016 - PART2(06/05/2016)
SEMINAR PROGRAMME 2016 - PART1(24/04/2016)
Schedule and Entry Form of 2016 En(12/04/2016)
  Business Idea  
Photo tour of Semi-Final(30/04/2010)
How to write a business plan?(09/03/2010)
UK business leaders share their bes(17/08/2009)
What Type of Company to Set-Up(17/08/2009)
  Media Report  
TV Report: CQ-WRSA UK division(06/05/2012)
Competition Videos(Youtube)(07/10/2009)
Meeting in Chinese Embassy London f(03/09/2009)
Media Report Overal(30/03/2009)
Midland Launch news(30/03/2009)
Other news about Launch(30/03/2009)
2007-2009 committee(31/05/2010)
2010 Competition Idea Entry Guide(03/12/2009)
2010 Competition Idea Entry Form(03/12/2009)
2009 Competition Review(Chinese)(25/09/2009)
Prime Minister Gordon Brown's Speec(17/08/2009)
UK Trade & Investment UK-China Busi(17/08/2009)

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